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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Destination: Buff Brides

Words by Jennifer Stein
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Second, congrats to all the newly engaged couples who are surfing the net to find the perfect weddding away. I hope you find and Destination I Do Magazine helpful tools in creating the destination wedding of your dreams.

Getting in shape is one way to start a new year off right, and it will help you look your best come W-day. Jennifer Cassetty, Celebrity Fitness Expert has some fantastic tips for how to look picture perfect depending on the gown you select:

div align="left">A-Line: shoulders, sculpted arms- Bicep Curl/Shoulder Press Combination - With dumbbells, perform bicep curl up to chin, then rotate hands as press weights overhead, then return to start position
- Lateral Raises - standing with knees slightly bent, shoulders back palms down toward thighs, raise from mid-shoulder arms straight out to side up to shoulder level, then return to thighs
- Bench dips - sitting on edge of bench, hands just over edge, move hips just off bench and lower body by bending elbows straight back. Press from back of arms to extended position then lower body and repeat
- Rear Delt - Lying face down flat on bench; weights on floor, palms facing each other at shoulder level raise from back of shoulders straight out to side, squeezing shoulders together, then return to floor

Mermaid: back, toned glutes, lean thighs.
- Deadlift/Bentover rows - standing, knees slightly bent, shoulders back and chest out. Weights hanging down with straight arms in front of thighs, band at waist until back is parallel to floor; pull shoulders back together bending elbows up, then extend arms straight down and extend through hips to stand fully up.
- Single leg squats - one leg behind you on bench, keeping hips and shoulders square to the front, raise head and chest and squat down as far as possible keeping all the weight on the front heel., then stand back to start position and repeat.
- Squat/upright row Combination - wide stance with toes slightly turned out, weights in hands hanging straight down. Squat down, knees following line of toes, then stand and raise elbows up to the ears pulling from the shoulders, then return weights straight down back to squat position.

Ball Gown: slender or pear-shaped women to create smaller waist; nice arms - Rotating Plank - hold plank position on extended arms and toes, then rotate one arm up to ceiling, back to plank, and repeat on other side. Advanced move, add push-up during plank.
- Suitcase Crunches - on back, hands under ears, knees bent on floor crunch up and touch elbows to knees, then return to start position
- Sunrise Abs - lying on back with knees bent; holding ball, bar, or small dumbbell overhead with arms extended. press weight up to ceiling and perform full sit-up straight up to ceiling. Advanced move. rotate shoulders as you sit up, ball still straight up to ceiling.

Empire: focuses eye to neck and chest- Incline Chest Flies - incline bench lying face up, palms facing each other, bend elbows slightly and lower arms straight out to sides (above the chest, not shoulders or face), then pull from chest arms back up together.
- Chest press/triceps press combination - flat bench lying face up; palms facing outward bend elbows at 90 degree angle down to chest and press back up together; then face palms together and lower elbows straight down by side to chest level and press through back of arms straight above chest again. Rotate back to chest press/trice press for reps.
- Upright row/press out combination - sitting on edge of bench, hold weights straight down and pull upward from shoulders then extend arms straight out in front, pull back to shoulders, then lower back to start position.

Column: straight down for leaner figures, Belly and lean, toned thighs- CARDIO!!!! - interval training mixed with proper healthy diet will lean out legs and flatten belly in time for fittings!
- Star Lunges - Left foot stays anchored; right foot steps out front to lunge, back together; diagonal, lateral, and reverse lunge. Then Switch legs
- Lower abs - lying flat on floor, knees bent, pull belly into floor and raise knees up to chest raising hips off the floor, then lower back down to start position.
- Scissor abs - lying flat on back with legs extended, place hands under hips to support back raise legs off floor and alternate crossing them over and back of each other focusing on keeping inner thighs tight and lower belly pressed into floor.

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