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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why We Love Southwest Airlines

Words by Jennifer Stein

p>Right off the bat, let me just inform you, this is NOT an advertisement! I'm simply professing my love for Southwest Airlines.

Why do we love them?

Several reasons actually. And here they are in no particular order:

  • They offer some of the best prices in the industry, constantly offering fare sales - like right now, so book your tickets!!!
  • The employees are consistently friendly and greet you with a smile
  • The company is healthy because it's run by good people who aren't out to squash their competition, but rather bring a great product/service to consumers
  • They are user friendly - from the check-in process to getting your rapid rewards awards, there's not a lot of "fine print"
  • They don't charge to stow your bags
The reason I felt compelled to write this endorsement is because I just got done booking travel through them for the umpteenth time. It was inexpensive, easy and it just struck a cord with me, that it's always that way.

Not everyone agrees and some think that their boarding process is confusing and frustrating. Actually, if you pay attention, it's quite simple and you'll realize that if you're a prepared traveler, you can take advantage of the many perks this offers (ie. getting a good seat on the plane, getting checked in so early that you don't even have to wait in line or if you do, it's only to check your bag etc.).

So, from a frequent traveler who has flown several airlines in the past, I implore you to give this airline a go...

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