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Monday, March 23, 2009

Magical Fireflies Perfect for a Garden Wedding

Words by Jennifer Stein

My brother and his fiance decided that the perfect destination for their upcoming wedding would be none other than my back yard. So when they asked us if they could hold their wedding at our house this upcoming April, my husband and I decided not only was it a great idea, but it was the perfect excuse to get our yard whipped into shape. We added an arbor with bistro lighting and outdoor drapes, new planters with flowers and pathway lighting. We even found a perfect double door wrought iron gate to add to our front entrance so it would give our 83 year old Spanish-revival style home some additional curb appeal for their big day.

We finished our renovations around the holidays and as we put the final touches on our new outdoor living space we figured, it couldn't get any better.

Well, I was wrong.

I found out about a very unique product on the market called Firefly Magic. This solar powered system allows the user to spread these life-like green blinking lights throughout ones garden. The result: a feeling of nostalgia as the "lighting bugs" blink on and off in such a realistic manner, most biologists would be stumped.

If you are thinking of having a back-yard wedding or want to add a little more magic to your existing event space, there's nothing more magical than these fireflies.

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