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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Destination Wedding Hair Styles

Words by Jennifer Stein
By: Jamie Taylor
Your destination wedding will be the epitome of perfect: perfect place, perfect husband, perfect shoes, perfect dress and (hopefully) perfect hair. Believe me, you didn’t go through your destination planning for anything less than that! Choosing the perfect hairstyle can make or break your look, so consulting a stylist to get the perfect tresses will be well worth every penny.

Image by Kim Irons


In humid weather, your safest bet is a loose updo that keeps curly hair from going frizzy and straight hair from looking flat. Alternate with intricate twists and braids to add original taste. If your hair knows better and can keep the shape, then tighter curls (and a bit more hairspray) will do the trick.

Image by Maria Bernal

Mild , temperate weather is the best weather when it comes to your tresses, it gives you many more looks that you can work with: half up-dos with curls are sweet and transitional down-dos that can be pinned into casual updos maintain your elegance during your reception.

Image by Kim Irons

Image by Kim Irons

Image by Maria Bernal
Make sure, when you visit your stylist, you bring a picture of what you want - this way, both of you will be on the same page from the beginning.
Here's to hoping your hair is as gorgeous as you!

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