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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real-Life Wedding, Carnival Style

Words by Jennifer Stein
Today, I'm breaking two rules on the blog. First, we are featuring an event that was not a destination wedding. And second, we're posting many more pictures than we usually allow. But when you are finished checking out this post, you'll understand why.

The couple we are featuring today should win an award for creativity. This is by far the most unique, colorful and fun wedding I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Courtney and Charles were married last October and decided to go with a carnival theme. Every detail was executed to perfection! The favors, the decor, the cake, the photography - just exquisite!

Carnival games and rides were there for all to enjoy!

Apparently, Courtney is a graphic designer and was the creative brain behind the details. She put an inordinate amount of thought into each piece of this wedding.

The reception site couldn't have been a more perfect complement to the already colorful, casual and classic theme of the event.

It just so happens that Charles is quite handy. He built several things to go along with the decor that Courtney designed such as cotton candy posts, games, trash cans etc...

What would a carnival themed wedding be without candy apple favors?

Like they always say, rules are meant to be broken.
Thanks to Victor Sizemore for allowing us the use of these incredible images!

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