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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who Needs a Traditional Wedding Cake?

Words by Jennifer Stein
Cupcakes have been climbing the ladder of dessert popularity for some time now. Bridal showers, corporate events, and now even weddings will feature a tower of cupcakes rather than the more formal desserts. And what's not to love? They are easy to share, easy to eat and lend a signature feel to any event.

Recently, one of my dear friends and loyal writers, brought me a cardboard box filled with the most amazing frosting topped cupcake I've EVER eaten. Moist red velvet cake baked to perfection and garnished with a healthy helping of butter-cream frosting was inhaled and accompanied by moaning and fingers licked clean. What was this heavenly decadent dessert you ask? And can you get some for your wedding or event? The answer is Sprinkles Cupcakes and yes, you can get them for your wedding or event.

Sprinkles can do a tiered tower of cupcakes in white or you can customize your tasty treats with signature colored ribbons or decorations.

p>If you're not down with the tower de cupcake, but are interested in maybe a personalized favor that won't break the bank, Sprinkles offers single serving cupcakes with details on top served in individual cardboard boxes for $5 each.

Now, I'm hoping the people at Sprinkles read this - I'm ready for my next Red Velvet trip to Cloud Nine and I'm confident they will oblige.

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