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Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Destination Weddings - Pros and Cons

Words by Jennifer Stein
Image by Damon Tucci Studios

It is very tempting to hold your destination wedding over a holiday weekend and considering we just came off a long weekend, I thought this post would be a timely one.

If you've considered this, your thought process is probably a good one, but you may want to think things through a little further.

The Pros
  • People automatically have time off work - typically. This is usually the first thing couples think about and if you are planning a destination wedding, it is nice for your guests to already have paid time off.
  • Your loved ones may feel more inclined to take additional time off since the office is notably slower during holiday weeks.
  • Kids aren't in school, therefore it's easier for parents to bring kids with them.

The Cons

  • Vacation destinations are much busier over the holidays. Three day weekends such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are known to create additional traffic not to mention, busier restaurants and resorts.
  • Travel tends to cost more over long weekends. Airlines and resorts are going to bump up their prices during these times because they know simple economics. Supply is usually less than demand.
  • Your guests may already have their own plans. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can create big problems for your friends if you plan to have your special event during those times. Your own family might be able to make it since they plan to be together anyway, but your friends will likely already be committed to spending time with their families.
  • If you are considering doing a destination wedding over a holiday weekend, consult your guests and ask around. If people are open to it and they feel it is a good idea, go for it. But if you get mixed reactions and not many "yes" RSVP's, consider yourself warned!

    If you had a great or not-so-great holiday destination wedding, share your story with us. Visit our web site at and send me an email. I'd love to hear about it and share your advice with our readers!

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