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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Cranky Flier

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Carolyn Gerin (

As a travel writer, I’ve been in almost every type of compromising situation at the hands of the nefarious airline industry: from having our surfboards flown to Brazil (instead of Nicaragua) – to having my flight cancelled for 3 weeks in Moscow. Anything I can do to arm myself in the decision making process of where/when to fly, and with whom, is like getting 25,000 free frequent flier miles – a bonus. And although the excellent Virgin Airlines, (my default airline of choice) flies to many of the places I frequent, and have excellent incentive deals, they don’t fly everywhere. How do you vet all the offers, and deals? How do you know which companies have the newest planes? The best food? The least delays? The roomiest seats? The cheapest business class? Especially if you are planning your destination wedding or honeymoon and pressed for time?

p>Each morning, my In Box is filled with travel offers of every variety, but there is only one guy I really trust, he is not for sale, and is as incorruptible as the day is long: enter, The Cranky Flier.

The information is scrupulously researched and documented, and you can tell the man behind the blog, Brett Snyder, aka “Cranky” is a true believer in the magic of flight (in a Ralph Nader sort of way), but also casts a cold eye on what he believes could be improved. His resume is packed with a variety of airline jobs and which gives him the insider knowledge about what really happens when the cabin door closes. From spiraling baggage handling costs, lost luggage, insurance issues, planes that should retire, and who’s got the very best deals, Brett has got your back.

The Cranky Flier is indeed, the tail wagging the dog in the airline industry and should be your co pilot on every trip you take moving forward. Especially the trip that matters most: your destination wedding and/or honeymoon!

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