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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rock Candy Jewelry

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Carolyn Gerin

Rock and roll glamour?
Edge factor? Check.
A reinterpretation of luxury jewelry(with a hint of irony?) Check.

If you are bone tired of those red carpet girls dripping with their predictable Harry Winston Queen Mum gems, (valued at 10 years wages) cast your eyes on Rock Candy Design and get a little something different for your destination wedding.

Reinterpreting what “fine jewelry” is, and truly pushing the envelope, Sheryl Gould takes jawbreaker sized “gem shapes” and casts ‘em out of sterling silver rendered in a classy, modern and ironic way. What’s not to adore about wearable glamour puss day-to-dinner dazzlers, that deliver you from the cubicle to cocktail party effortlessly? What’s not to love about friends and foes alike asking where on earth did you get that big hunk of glam hanging around your neck?
This hunk of gorge will be taking up residence in my jewelry box.

Sheryl so impressed us here at Destination I Do Magazine and, that she rocked our runway at the Operation Aisle Style event at the W Hotel SF this past March. Our runway models who wore her creations had everyone drooling…and scrambling to get their orders in tout suite…

Check it out and order here.

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