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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Urban Decay - A "Stay Put" Eye Shadow!

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Carolyn Gerin (

Many brides on their wedding day shed a few tears, and tears, are comprised of salt which can quickly deteriorate your make-up. So, anti-brides and destination brides alike, if you want your eye shadow to have nerves of steel, staying power, live through everything from a surf session to a hellacious crying jag, rely on Urban Decay to be there on the big day…

My favorite rockin' colors are Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Sin (of course) and the best-named eye shadow in the industry, Polyester Bride.

Pigment Rich with minimum binders, you get color that packs a wallop in cute color-viewable subway token containers.

Tips: All eye shadows can be used wet for more intense color, try them as a liner! Dust sparkly shades on cheekbones and shoulders with our Powder brush for unearthly shimmer.

Fill Weight: 1.5g e 0.05 US oz
Price: $16.00

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