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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dressing Up The Groomsmen - In Style

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Ryan Hupfer, Images by Gauper Photo

When it comes time to get decked out for a hometown or destination wedding, most grooms feel that there are only two options to consider. The first option being the total traditional route: renting the standard tux and in turn, not adding any personal touches to the ensemble. Some grooms feel like they need to stick to this script simply because it’s what everyone else does and it’s the safe choice. Of course the word ‘safe’ could easily be replaced with ‘boring’, but hey – that’s just me.

The second option is going off the deep end and blazing their own path. This option, unlike the more traditional route, is what you are usually looking at when you see things like light sabers or football jerseys at the altar. I’ll admit sometimes it can be quite memorable, but what exactly is being remembered? The fantastic wedding you put together or the fact that you had a Storm Trooper as your best man? I think you already know the answer to that one.

p>So, which of these options did I choose when it was time for me to say my big “I Do’s?” I decided to set up shop somewhere right in the middle, which provided me with enough of the traditional so my wife could still have the wedding she has pictured since she was 12 years old, yet we also added our own sense of style which gave the wedding a shot of color.

So, how exactly did I get my groomsmen and I looking good for the big day without going to one extreme or the other? Here’s a list of the subtle, yet noticeable personal touches I added to my wedding to make us all pop:

  • I decided to go with a traditional tux, but instead of the black shoes you would see coupled up with the penguin suit, I elected to have the guys wear some sweet wingtips.
  • I gave each of the groomsmen either a hot pink or neon green tie, which spiced up their black and white tuxes, and I gave each of the ushers a more subtle, darker tie from Express that had stripes of either hot pink or neon green.
  • Finally, to add just a little more color to the groomsmen I gave each of them new shoestrings so their wingtips could get a little extra attention. The groomsmen with a hot pink tie wore bright green shoelaces and the groomsmen with a neon green tie wore hot pink shoelaces.
  • Now that all of my wedding party was taken care of, it was time for me to step up my game a bit and luckily I ran into some awesome hot pink and black checkered Vans which did the trick. They looked great with my tux, were super comfy and were probably the one thing I got the most comments on throughout the night. Not to mention, I still wear them all the time even though the wedding is over.

Our personal touch added just the right amount of energy without being distracting and overwhelming, which was exactly what we were hoping for.

Ryan Hupfer is our "Groom with a View" so stayed tuned for more with "Hup" in the coming months!

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