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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real Wedding - Cumberland Island, Georgia

Words by Jennifer Stein
Images by Kristie Love
Many couples are opting to do their destination weddings closer to home. Some do it because it's not as costly for guests. Others do it because they have a special place in mind that has sentimental meaning for them. Whatever the reason, it's good for our economy and there are so many amazing places in the US to tie the knot.
The featured couple for this week, Chris and Aisha Advincula, decided to say their destination I do's in a very remote location, only accessible by private boat or ferry. Cumberland Island, Georgia is not only secluded, it's the place where the late JFK Jr. and Caroline Bissette Kennedy were married.
Wild horses roam the island (and have for over 100 years) and there are still ruins from the Carnegie family property (which the family still owns). According to Kristie Love, the couple's professional photographer, "there are beautiful beaches with unique brightly colored purple flowery vines growing alongside the untouched dunes. The couple are equally as beautiful which made for some awesome photos."
Chris and his family is originally from the Philippines and Aisha is from England, which made it a little difficult for Aisha's family to attend. The couple decided to have an intimate ceremony with some traditional Philippine rituals incorporated.
Cumberland Island is well preserved as a National Park, and although you can actually camp within the park, there are also luxury history properties such as Greyfield Inn on the island.
As Kristie Love recalls, "it was so exciting to shoot a wedding on the same Island where JFK Jr. was married! It is the perfect hideaway!"

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