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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Local on The Sunset Strip

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Carolyn Gerin

Inside, Katana is a little bit medieval martial arts movie, with a dash of nightshade and industrial sensibility. On the patio, it’s pure Hollywood, baby, located right by Miramax, on the Sunset Strip, and rife with agents, starlets, and the strivers that make the city of lights so very bright. Even on a Wednesday night, Katana was hopping and every table packed! So beyond hipster ambiance, what’s the buzz all about, because, although I adore sushi and stir fry, when I think about Japanese food, I don’t often think comfort food or (which in my East Coast memory lies comfortably in the domain of Italian, or Jersey diner).

Katana takes it all to a whole new level with their Robata, grilled with smoky binchotan wood and delivered, warm, yummy crispy and tender to your table. Let the wait staff guide you, as the menu is extensive and you want to get it right. Our server, Cal took on the task of pairing expertly mixed, delicately flavored cocktails that worked in concert with the entrees. Standouts were the Shrimp Bacon Skewers, the Yellowtail Hanabi, the Baked Crab Hand Roll, and the Fois Gras skewers. Katana is a perfect place for a pre event, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or hot date. Sharing is caring and the generously proportioned small plates makes sure that everyone gets a nice big bite.

Robata is just about as satisfying as any comfort food I have ever experienced, and I will run, not walk back to Katana, not for the scene (if that matters to you) but for the food. It was stellar.

Tasting Menu
Salmon Truffle
Yellowtail DicedTuna Carpaccio
Regular Hanabi
Yellowtail Hanabi
Seabass skewers
Shrimp Bacon skewers
Foie Gras skewers
Green Beans
Baked Crab Hand Roll
Volcano Dessert

Pear Martini
Vodka with muddled Cucumber and Sake
Ginger Pomegranate Martini
Passion and Spice Martini
Effen Black Cherry and Soda
Blueberry Vodka w/ Simple Syrup splash of lime and Curacao
Vodka w/ splash of Watermelon Puckers Midori and dash of Sour

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