Destination I Do
Friday, November 6, 2009

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Carolyn Gerin

Hey Mates!
Headed to West Oz for a dizzying press trip that includes caving, surfing, wineries, hot chefs, micro breweries, swimming with dolphins and meeting lots of new friends. Virgin Australia, The Government of Australia, The Western Australian Tourist Board and Wagstaff World Wide LA office have worked tirelessly to make this trip spectacular and adventurous, just what our Destination I Do brides are looking for. We will be travelling with a few other journalists and it will certainly be a trip that any honeymoon couple, adventure couple or destination wedding couple would love. Australia: beautiful, wild, remote, mysterious and ready for you. Look for this block buster feature early 2010 in Destination I Do Magazine. Getting ready for that 22 hour flight, but with Virgin Australia business class, I’m hoping that with a good book and a nice glass of Oz Shiraz, I’ll have a nice little nap and wake up in Brisbane. I won’t be posting every single day, but I’ll try while on the fly. Thank you for checking in with us from time to time and look forward to bringing you all the glory of Oz.

Big shout out to my best new Aussie girlfriend, Miss Polka Dot at, who is lining me up with all the alterna-bridal lovelies in Perth. She’s the Numero Uno Wedding Blogger in Oz, and a wealth of info for anyone heading in that direction. See you soon mates!

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