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Monday, December 21, 2009

Glam Up Your Up-Do's for Your Destination Wedding

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Weddings are becoming more and more progressive, so it's surprising that many of the old traditions still make it down the aisle.
With time comes change and with change comes a fresh perspective on weddings and that includes hair. The Updo is a classic wedding hair do that is as timeless as the rite itself, but change is a good thing. Upgrade your glamour hairstyles by leaving the Ringlets (Spirals Curls) Updos to sweet sixteens/proms and modernize your look for your day. Embellish your do's with feathers, jewels and even headbands. Set-up a consultation with your selected hair stylist and bring them a few tear sheets to customize your own couture updo. GLAMARIZE a new do that will help you look and feel like the elegant sophisticated romantic modern bride you are, and not a debutante at her "SWEET SIXTEEN."
Look : updo
Type: straight, wavy, curly
Style : classic, romantic
Length : medium
photo by Jennifer Robbins
Look : updo
Type: straight, wavy
Length: all
Style: modern
photo by Dan Lecca
Look : updo
Type : straight
Length : long
Style : glamorous
photo by Michael Waring
Look : updo
Length : short
Style : classic
Type : curly
photo by Michael Waring

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