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Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 Travel Tips for Your Destination Wedding

Words by Jennifer Stein
All of us need a little help getting from point A to point B, regardless of why we are traveling. When it's your destination wedding day, you need even more help!

So here are our favorite travel tips to help you have a drama-free journey!
  1. Arrive a few days early. Getting to your destination ahead of time will allow you to take care of last minute vendor meetings, rest up for the big day or just spend some quality time with your loved ones.
  2. Get engaged with your guests. Send emails about weather, what to pack, what to wear and reminders about TSA regulations (such as early reminders about the 3oz rule, if you need a passport for your destination and making sure they check in 24 hours in advance if they are flying Southwest.) You may want to send a few travel related reminders - starting anywhere from right when you get engaged (passport reminders) to the week or day before.
  3. Never ship your dress or anything of value. When you put your coveted wedding gown or anything else you value in the hands of another, you are taking a BIG risk. I recently had a UPS employee steal my wedding and engagement ring while it was in transport to New York. I highly doubt something such a wedding dress would get stolen, but it could get held up in customs, delayed or even worse - lost entirely. It's best to carry your dress on to the plane with you. Call ahead and ask if you can put the gown in the coat closet in first class. Nine times out of ten they will accommodate you.
  4. Get additional insurance for your trip and valuables. You may need to call and add a "schedule" to your homeowners policy for your ring or laptop, but for your actual wedding, you will need to purchase a totally different policy. Click here for a good option.
  5. Pack a lunch for the plane. Often times, people feel a little "off" the first couple of days after traveling. Mostly this is due to dehydration and not enough nourishment. Hardly anyone serves meals on flights anymore so pack yourself a little something. A sandwich and piece of fruit are easy to stash in a purse or carry-on.
  6. Pack an emergency wedding day kit. Items such as clear nail polish can fix rips in your dress or veil, baby powder can help take stains out of your dress, bobby-pins can help calm your fly-aways, lip balm can help stuck zippers and don't forget your prescription medications which you may not be able to get at your destination.
  7. Let the world know your on your destination wedding and/or honeymoon. When flight attendants, a hotel concierge or restaurant server knows it's a special occasion, they're more likely to give you a little something extra. Don't hide it, flaunt it. You'll be amazed at the service and complimentary things you'll get!
  8. Roll your clothes. I travel A LOT, and I can assure you this system works like a charm. Done properly, you can fit more into your suitcase. Plus when you get there, you'll find you have less creases and wrinkles overall.
  9. Check your destination for travel warnings. You don't want to get crazy about this as many things are completely out of your control, but if there is a big snowstorm that could interrupt your connection or something going on at your destination, it's better to know beforehand. Simply visit the tourism bureau's web site or go on to to see the latest.
  10. Reserve your seats. This should seem like an obvious one, but I am often surprised by the amount of people who don't know you can do this. All airlines do things a little differently but most will allow you to select your seat when you buy the ticket. If they don't, ask the ticketing agent to reserve your preference when you get to the airport.

Happy trails engaged couples! May you arrive in one piece without any drama!

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