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Friday, January 15, 2010

Top 6 Wedding Trends and Color Inspiration for 2010

Words by Jennifer Stein
By Megan, from Adair Designs

A new decade begins, and this one is a doozy! The modern art movement abounds as a traditional outlook on the “classic wedding” dissolves. This fresh perspective hearkens the opportunity to stretch the limits and be “real” while reassessing a new definition of class and sophistication.

More cultures are combining and many traditions are being mixed together. Beauty and inspiration will be found from the terrains of the southwest and Mexican culture. The country of Africa is referenced for a fantastic neutrals palette, but is not without their deeply hued chromatic colors and exciting graphic patterns.

Main trends include:
-Mexican celebration flags
-Turquoise jewelry
-Upscale Latin cuisine
-Spanish flamenco
-Native American style influences patterns and color palettes
-African culture portrays a fresh perspective in textiles

The counterculture will live for handmade details and DIY technology motifs that embrace individuality. Victorian motifs coupled with new technology trends, (think Steampunk) will inspire copper colored palettes and warm metallic tones mixed with matte silver finishes. A Flashback to the late 80’s and early 90’s will portray bright fluorescent accents and bold primary colors.

Main trends include:
-Handmade merchants will build continued rapport with the bridal industry
-Old technology will become a focal point of inspiration
-Warm and cool tones are combined
-Primary colors show strong
-Fluorescents will be incorporated in a way that enhances décor, rather than detracts
A jet-setting gypsy caravan mixing with endless summer nomads. The romantic and mysticism is inspired by the ideals of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Funk and folk rule this category and traditions are tossed to the wind.

Main trends include:
-Henna Tattoos inspire invitation designs
-Faded, but highly saturated tones. (Think curry yellow)
-Numerous florals and patterns will be mixed together
-Eastern and Asian influence are repeated themes in ceremony style, décor and food

Different spins on this category can be either fun and casual, or extremely refined and sophisticated. The Island of Capri expresses a feeling of freedom and elegance, grand luxury and neoclassic style. The breeze of the Mediterranean seas and white sandy beaches allow for a vibe of relaxing without rigidity.

Main trends include:
-Oranges and citrus fruits used as centerpieces
-Color is used sparingly or as a bright accent to solar white
-Nautical stripes.-smooth rocks as decoration
-Vietri style plate settings.-Smaller, more intimate wedding party

A softer color palette will resonate with a more rustic and folksy crew. Surrealism and whimsy capture the heart’s and minds of dedicated romantics. Clever and creative, this category will be both enchanting and enigmatic.

Main trends include:
-Alice In Wonderland surrealism
-Crystal garland
-Mirrored surfaces
-Insect motifs
-Natural wood décor used as accents (the more moss covered-the better!)
-Outdoor wedding venue

Art nouveau will be the winner in this category for it’s organic flowing shapes, plant inspiration and Grecian undercurrents. Art deco has been interpreted in many ways, and it’s genres have included flat, repeated geometric forms of the “roaring twenties” to a more “pop influenced 80’s technology style.”

Main trends include:
- Feathered hair pieces
- Videography and photography with a silent film appearance. (Film Noir)
- Asymmetrical wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses
- Diamonds & pearls
- Classic architectural buildings will be used for a wedding’s ceremony or reception site

About Adair:
Adair Custom Design specializes in couture wedding invitations and graphic design services. The name “Adair” was an easy choice, a family name that is defined as: “innovative”. Adair Custom Design strives to create wedding invitations that are more than just an announcement, but a timeless piece of innovative design. Contact: or shop her invitations at

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