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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Add Sparkle to Your Relationship

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Polka Dot Bride

Love is supposed to provide a haven from the stresses of life, the real or imagined sleights, the difficult day.

How do we best show another person that we love them deeply and sincerely without thought as to what we might get out of it ourselves? Is it in the ‘grand gesture’ – the $200 bunch of red roses on Valentine’s Day, or the perfect diamond bracelet?

Or is it in the little things – the foot rub while watching TV, the load of washing that is done, hung out and put away without asking, or the surprise ‘picnic’ on the lounge room floor after the kids have been put to bed?

We all have our own ‘love’ styles. Some express their love for another by being bold and ebullient in their ‘love’ gestures, some are reserved and only show love in private moments, and some – well – you have to search high and low and suddenly when you least expect it – a loving touch or a look!

I once overheard a conversation where a woman stated that her husband was always buying her things – whatever she asked for and some she didn’t. At first I thought – wow – that would be nice! Then I started thinking about it. Love for me is not to be ‘bought’. It is in the compliments given only occasionally, but when they are given, they are heartfelt and sincere. It is in the non – judgemental ear and a shoulder to cry on. The look that passes between you, the unexpected touch of the hand – yes, the really simple things. Yet it is these things that are often so hard to give, as we get caught up in our own inner lives.

Sometimes to add sparkle to your relationship, step outside your comfort zone and do something you would not normally do for the person you love. Not necessarily the diamond bracelet (but that would be REALLY nice!), but a warm and heartfelt gesture that is worth a thousand diamond bracelets.

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