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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get Inspired for your Destination Wedding - Our Go-To Blogs

Words by Jennifer Stein
It's not our typical protocol to put content on our blog that's about to run in our magazine, but this one is a helpful exception.

My editor's letter focuses on getting inspired for your wedding and where we go to look for inspiration. Being that many of you are newly engaged (CONGRATS!!!) and looking for some planning help, I thought "eh, what the heck, let's give em a sneak peek."

So here you go:

Recently, I went to see It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. Being an avid decorator and often using my home as a creative outlet, I quickly became inspired by the home Meryl’s character lives in. The stunning vegetable gardens, the Mediterranean architecture of the home and the landscape that surrounded her “bungalow” (although her bungalow could fit two of my houses inside) screamed “make over!” in my own humble abode. Immediately after watching the movie I wanted to run home and take a sledge hammer to my kitchen counter tops and simultaneously plant an extravagant herb and vegetable garden in place of where my future pool would go.

Inspiration can come if you’re looking for it or not. However, when you are planning a wedding, it feels like the quest for inspiration is constant. You may be looking for it to decide where to get married, or what kind of favors or colors you should include in your big day. Your cake, your invitations and stationary – all of it will be decided upon because you became inspired by something.

Each issue we need to look for inspiration, so where do we go? Lots of places actually. Sometimes it’s the destinations themselves that help shape an issue. It could be a new color palette we’ve come across or the real-life wedding submissions we are sent and the originality found there. Sometimes it just comes to us like a dream in the middle of the night. But one place I know I can find inspiration anytime is a good blog. You’ll notice that wedding planners, photographers and even retailers have blogs nowadays. Here are some of our go-to online destinations: – Known for beautiful details and inspiration boards. – “Out of the box” ideas and inspiration and written by the author of the best-selling book series. –Buy and sell items to make your wedding chic and affordable. – For the crafty “do-it-yourselfers.” – Sparkly, smart budget savvy ideas (see her article on page 44). – The Australian “out of the box” wedding voice. – Advice on planning a wedding from a wedding professional’s perspective. – Written by a wedding PR specialist, for the bride and her vendors. – An in-depth resource for all things wedding related and updated up to 25 times daily.

As for a blog to help you plan your wedding away, Destination I Do has you covered. (As you can see right here!)

Now that you’ve got the tools to start planning, may you be inspired and in doing so, inspire someone else!

And keep an eye out for our next issue - Spring/Summer 2010 which includes: Honeymooning in Western Australia, Caribbean Getaways (Jamaica, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos) Budget Savvy Tips, Green Ideas on Selecting Flowers, 25 Amazing Destination Weddings Escapes in the US and Beyond, Answers to your Top Etiquette Questions and SO much more! If you'd like an advance copy, click here to subscribe.

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