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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seduction, Attraction and Flirtation: Romantic Wines

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Autumn Millhouse
Seduction, Attraction and Flirtation: these are the names given to the wonderful wines Bart O'Brien and his beautiful wife Barbie handcraft at their family-owned winery. If you are seeking romance, this wine making couple and the environment they have created, form the quintessential example. On their third date to Napa, Barbie expressed a desire to move to the wine country and start her own winery. Bart, a storyteller and self-described "hopeless romantic," said that if that was her dream, then it was his dream as well. Hence the O'Brien Family Vineyard!
This appointment-only winery is located on the couple's beautiful property, next to their home at the foot of Mount Veeder. They focus solely on developing a romantic brand of wine, and enjoy customizing especially intimate visits for couples. Do not be surprised to hear the soft crooning of Billy Joel coming from the house - the O'Briens apply many personal touches, including special wine tastings guided by them. They even offer the "Romance Tour," which provides you and your sweetheart with absolute privacy, vineyards perfect for easy strolls together, a cozy picnic lunch for two, and wines hat will leave you both starry-eyed.
Unlike the usual boring, ho-hum wine descriptions you will often find, Bart and Barbie spice up their wine labels. You might find yourself perking up to hear Barbie's description of her wine Flirtation: "Our dry rose of merlot reveals alluring aromas of strawberries and creme, bright teasing acidity, a silky lingering finish and just enough grape skin contact to make it blush." Like a romance novel in a bottle, O'Brien wines will awaken and excite all your senses. Make sure to check out the Seduction Gift Boxes and join their Wine Lovers Club, so that you can continue the delicious affair even after you have parted ways with this truly lovely winery.
O'Brien Estate is offering the perfect Romantic Wine for Valentine's Day. Click here for more information.
They are also hosting a Valentine's Day Dinner - Click here for more information.

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