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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dark Garden's "Dollymop" Line Launches at Steampunk Exhibition

Words by Jennifer Stein

In an exclusive steam-powered Fashion Show at Nova Albion’s Party at the Center of the Earth, Dark Garden Unique Corsetry will officially launch their fantastic new line: Dollymop for Dark Garden – a Steampunk Collection! The Dollymop Collection is a hot, neo-Victorian and steam culture-inspired collaboration between Dark Garden founder and fashion designer Autumn Adamme and accessories designer Kalico Delafay. A few of the concepts for this line were previewed at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco and some amazing new pieces are being made exclusively for presentation at Nova Albion. The new Dollymop Collection will be on sale in the Traders’ Concourse beginning 3:00 pm on Friday March 12th, alongside a wonderful selection of Dark Garden’s world-acclaimed corsetry, couture and accessories. And of course, their beautiful models will be showing off the goods all weekend long!

The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition (March 12-14 in Emeryville) takes the best elements of traditional science fiction and fantasy conventions, combines them with the passion, ingenuity, and hands-on workshops of Maker events, and places it all in a steam-powered, neo-Victorian setting that spans the 1830s through the early 1910s, from the cultured salons of gaslit London to the rugged coast of San Francisco.

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