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Friday, May 7, 2010

Free Stuff Makes Honeymooners Happy

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Allyson Murphy from

We all want to be treated like kings and queens on our honeymoons. And sometimes you end up with some really swanky upgrades when flight attendants or a concierge finds out you’re newly married.

Real honeymooners Karen and Tom got bumped into a nicer room by the hotel staff on the Madrid portion of their Spanish honeymoon. The top floor room had a balcony and spectacular views of the streets below.

Aruba destination Bucuti Beach Resort often welcomes honeymooners with champagne on ice in their room. The staff goes out of their way to make every newlywed couple feel special.

One of the nicest upgrades we’ve heard about lately came not from the airline, but from the groom’s parents. Jaime and David got to fly first class to Morocco when his parents treated them to the best seats in the house - well, plane really.

How to get a freebie without asking
So how do you communicate that this trip is more than an average vacation? Sure you flash the bling on your left hand. But sometimes fashion comes into play too. A “Honeymooner” t-shirt or “Groom” flip flops can be a not-so-subtle way to make yourselves stand out. Real couple Ari and Michelle got a bottle of champagne and upgrades at each of their three hotels on their Hawaiian honeymoon. They chalk it up to the “Bride” tote bag Michelle carried during the whole trip.
You can also be more direct. When booking your trip, make sure to mention that you’re coming for your honeymoon. Many hotels and resorts will make a note on your reservation that can get you great treatment. A thoughtful maid of honor or best man can also give the hotel a heads up on your behalf.

Sometimes you just gotta ask
This can be a delicate part of getting a freebie... sometimes you don’t have the his-and-hers golf hats or no one notices the shiny new ring, so you’ve got to go ahead and ask for an upgrade. A big smile and an enthusiastic, “We’re newlyweds!” makes for contagious excitement. Chances are folks in the hospitality industry will go out of their way to make you feel special when they hear this.

Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you’d like. Whispering to a flight attendant, “My new wife would be thrilled if...” just might work. And of course, like Mom always said, remember your manners. Please and thank you work like a charm.

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