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Friday, May 14, 2010

Godiva Chocolate Liqueurs - Spice Up your Cocktail Hour

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Erin Marrujo

Godiva is a name synonymous with decadent chocolate indulgences. As if that were not enough, they now have a line of liqueurs that are equally enjoyable. From original dark to mocha and even white chocolate, there are a variety of flavors- and all of them are velvety and delicious.


Although good on their own or on a dessert, the Godiva liqueurs are perfect for a new twist on favorite after dinner cocktail recipes. In fact, they have put together some recipes on their website for you to try out yourself. Our favorite is Godiva Carmeltinini:

1 ounce Godiva Caramel Liqueur
1/2 ounce CÎROC® Vodka

1. Combine Godiva Caramel Liqueur and CÎROC Vodka in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
2. Shake well and strain into chilled martini glass.
3. Garnish with a Godiva Milk Chocolate Praline Heart

Sweet and rich, it’s better than ice cream. If you are seeking something a little more casual to enjoy at a reception or after dinner, the Café Godiva is a simple treat that you can’t go wrong with:

2 ounces Godiva Mocha Liqueur
6 ounces black coffee
Whipped cream

1. Combine Godiva Mocha Liqueur and hot black coffee in a coffee mug.
2. Top with whipped cream.

The bottles also are a great finish to a gift basket for a bridal shower, or even from the newlyweds to the bridal party. With a little book of recipes and some martini glasses, you can create an all in one cocktail kit.

Check out Godiva's web site for descriptions of the five flavors and even more ideas on how to use them!

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