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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Travel Tuesday - Resorts Guarantee an Oil-Free Stay

Words by Jennifer Stein
Words by Courtney Cox The last thing anyone wants during their destination wedding or honeymoon getaway is a harsh brush with Mother Nature. Understandably, those traveling to the Gulf Coast are likely concerned their plans will be affected by the recent oil spill. While there may be more pressing matters in regards to the oil spill clean-up, there’s no reason for your plans to be ruined.

Thankfully, many resorts located as far north as Panama City, Florida are offering their guests a “Clean Beach Guarantee.” South Seas Island Resort, in Captiva, Florida, is hoping to assure guests their stay will be flawless by offering this guarantee. South Seas Island Resort is so confident their guests’ stays will be unaffected by the oil spill, they are offering a full refund if a guest’s stay is affected by the spill.

If for any reason the beach needs to be shut down for federal or state clean up as a direct result of the oil spill, guests can expect a full refund including room, resort fees and taxes.

While the oil spill has not majorly affected most of the Florida Coastline, South Seas Island Resort is still smart to address the issue. With two and half miles of coast line along the Gulf, the resort’s guests are entitled to be a bit wary. Luckily, travelers planning to head south to Florida for a summer vacation or event can rest assured.

For those who are interested in learning more about what’s happening with the oil spill we recommend the following web site:

The site was launched by the US federal government in an effort to provide a source of information for the public. It is updated daily with the latest news and provides information on how you can help.

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