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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have a Classy Mustache Wedding. No, Really!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words courtesy of Antibride
Photos courtesy of Bon Moment

How much do I love Maureen Jann and Denise Stockman of Bon Moment?

1. They inject a sense of humor into the sometimes overly serious business of wedding invitations.

2. They are wildly creative in their offerings: Sock Puppets, Rockabilly, Day of the Dead, and Retro Telegrams.

3. They are humble amidst their fabulousness as Etsy stars and although they could, do not Tweet about themselves all day, therefore…

4. I must! Read on…

Mustaches? Moustaches? Huh?

Sure, most couples don’t first associate weddings with mustaches, but we just can’t get enough! Even since we were little kids, we always loved dress-up and found it hilarious whenever we found the secret stash of ’staches.

The wedding buzz papers have been increasingly reporting on mustachioed weddings for some years and the silliness has reached epic levels. Even two years later, we see them still popping up in wedding blogs. It fills us with glee that couples are showing their quirky sense of humor in their most intimate ceremony with their friends and families. We’re delighted to see Bon Moment offering this unique, silly, yet still classy (yes, really) mustache wedding invitation stationery set.

What do we dig about this set?

* The vintage, old time-y wallpaper vibe

* The versatile color combinations and bold patterns

* Attention to detail with a variety of ’stache styles
Bon Moment has shared a variety of out-of-the-ordinary wedding stationery sets with us in the past: sock monkeys, rockabilly tattoos and a dreamy retro telegram-inspired theme. This theme is a genuinely unique invitation set. We love the balanced combination of feminine curves, hand drawn details and masculine, sharp geometric shapes. They really do the ’stache revolution big favors by paying homage to the wax tipped, fluffy, natural and an all-time classic, Tom Selleck.

This wedding invitation set comes with everything you’ll need to fill your wedding with mustachioed goodness. The sets are available in three colors, lemongrass (a yummy yellow-green), cloud (a soft pale grey) and rose (a muted, delicate pink). Included in the set design are save the date postcards, wedding invitations, RSVP postcards, menus and wedding programs. All of the suite pieces are offered individually in sets of an easy 25. I also have it on good authority that the thank you and DIY templates will be available soon.

All of the pieces of the set are printed on a bright white heavy stock that gives a visual pop and feel substantial in your hand. You can check out the entire set at Bon Moment Etsy.
Here’s some of my favorite mustache-endowed finds:

Archie McPhee: Seriously, how could you go wrong? They run the best ’stache business in town.

Wedding Mustache Flickr Pool: Awesome inspiration from other ’stached weddings.

DIY Mustache on a Stick: Need I say more? You know you want to make these!

About Bon Moment

They specialize in Wedding invitations, DIY Wedding Invitation Templates, Save the Dates, Wedding RSVPs, Menu Cards, Programs, and Thanks You Cards. Their tag line “Wedding Stationery for the Rest of Us” really rings true as you browse their wedding invitation suites. The off-the-wall wedding invitations like a Mexico-inspired Sugar Skull wedding invitation suite (see above), as well as a cute and geeky Retro Robots in Love invitation suite really strays from the more traditional wedding concepts. They really cater to the alternative and offbeat bride. Currently they’re working on developing their own website and creating new designs to add to their store.

Etsy store:


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