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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Antibride Shares Her Latest Adventure, in Ireland!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words and photos by Carolyn, The Antibride

Hi everyone, I’m on the best press trip ever thanks to Tourism Ireland for Destination I Do Magazine. Spoiler alert: My family is Irish on all sides, from Kerry and Cork, so I’m predisposed to love it. But I haven’t been back since my backpacking days, and other than staying in 5-star 12th century castles this time around, found it to be blessedly unchanged: the friendliness, the beauty, the people (and the pints). Everything looks new and fresh and the rain isn’t as bad as they say. I’ll let the pictures do the talking over the next two weeks, and will post as it happens. Barberstown Castle, Castlemartyr Resort, Adare Manor and Vaughan Lodge are superb and wildly different and the drive between them hasn’t exceeded two hours (making Ireland the ultimate road trip for a destination wedding or honeymoon).

My favorite part about staying in a castle, a resort, a manor and a lodge is that all the venues have intriguing, yet different points of view, adding dimension and texture to your trip (and avoiding the “Ground Hog Day Syndrome,” or, day-after-day blur of staying in the same place). On the drive in between resorts you’ll be rewarded tenfold, as Ireland is gorgeous: castles on the side of the road, and quaint villages to stop for lunch or explore.

Look for more expanded posts in early Sept, as I’ll be diving in with detail on all the venues, and our Spring Destination I Do issue will cover the trip in depth. At each venue, I’ve made some lovely new friends and plan on keeping in touch with them all. But that’s vintage Ireland: I’m still friends with people I met here 20 years ago! Heading out to Ballinalacken Castle in Doolin for dinner, trad music and pints. See you in Galway at the hippest hotel in town, the g, in a few days. Slainte!

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