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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding and Event Décor by Party City?

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Jennifer Stein

Party City is typically where people think to go when they are having a birthday bash or a Halloween party. Sure, they have the best options in town for color coordinating paper plates, Mylar balloons and party favors, but did you know they also can accommodate (very stylishly) a wedding, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or any other special event you can imagine?

Neither did I.

In May, I was invited to go to the beautiful Wyndham Nassau Resort and Crystal Palace Casino (full story about wedding and honeymoon opportunities at the Wyndham Nassau Resort is on newsstands now) to see for myself what Party City was capable of. With the help from the truly talented wedding and event planner, Samantha Goldberg, Party City has created some of the coolest options in wedding and special event décor I’ve seen in a while.

Most of the images you’re seeing here, I took with my own camera. What you’re seeing are tablescapes that Samantha created using everything from Party City. The only thing not from there is the flowers! From bold colors and patterns to the now very popular “Candy Bar” option, they can pretty much accommodate anything!

Party City is not a “stop-in-quickly-to-pick-up-some-crepe-paper-for-the-kid’s-birthday-party” kind of place, it’s a “concept store” with 600 nationwide, 40 more being added by the end of the year.

Party City also has in-store printing available (most of which you can also get online) and the in-store printing can turn a job around in 24-48 hours.

Even if you have a last minute wedding planned, Party City is actually well equipped for just your type of situation as their turnaround time is so quick.

To watch a video, and see the actual bridal shower set up they treated us to at the Wyndham Nassau, click here.

From welcome baskets (or sand pails like the one you see here) to your invitation, stationary and tablescapes, you’ll find more than you bargained for under one roof!

Our group of wedding journalists and media reps enjoying the final wedding reception at the Wyndham Resort with Samantha.

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