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Friday, September 24, 2010

AntiBride Brings Us A New Bridal Expert With This Aussie Import

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by the Anti-Bride, Carolyn and Ms. Polka Dot Bride
Photo courtesy of Ms. Polka Dot Bride

This just in: Australia has much more to offer than good looking men with accents. In fact, the Anti-Bride is sharing with us a new and exciting bridal expert all the way from down under.

Anti-Brides and Destination I Do-ers, I’ve been on the road on two spectacular press trips: Ireland and France, and now I’m back to bring on the best in blogging and running our spectacular Top Wed Blogger in Oz, Ms. Polka Dot Bride. I got a little off schedule the past month with some castles having dial up, some DSL, and some none at all. But it’s a gorgeous autumn here in wonderful, wireless SF, and we have much to show you in the upcoming posts. So without further ado…

A letter to the bride…

Recently someone close to me got the proposal of her dreams. Today I share my letter to her, one that I hope other brides can take something from…

You are getting married in 14 month’s time! How wonderful is that! We just KNEW it would happen and we couldn’t be happier for you!

But I feel a tinge of sadness today, as already I can see the strain of wanting it all, getting it ‘perfect’, and trying to please everyone starting to encroach on your joy.

Take the time to enjoy just being engaged! You will never quite feel this way again – the wonder you fold inside yourself whenever you think of it, the endless possibilities of a fulfilling life together stretching endlessly ahead of you. It’s like a great big precious secret!

It is early days in the planning of your special day, so just now is the time to gather information, without feeling the pressure to make momentous decisions about every little detail. Gather the ideas that you find appealing, and squirrel them away in a special folder, which will become your close companion in this wedding planning journey. As time goes on, you will find a theme emerging, of colours, of style and of particular things you hold dear, and that will be ‘not negotiable’.

Take the time to enjoy this process – it passes all too quickly and this time too, will be part of the memories that you take with you into your life together.

Money doth not maketh a ‘perfect’ wedding! If you feel you will have to compromise too much to have it all – you could choose two or three things that are most important to get ‘right’. Then embark on finding that perfect item by exploring. No pressure – just fact finding! Ask everyone you feel may be knowledgeable, pop into unlikely shops, explore little towns as you travel through them. Your will have time enough to formalise your ideas.

Your wedding day is a celebration of the beginning of your new family unit. That day will symbolise the start of a new chapter in your life with each other. And there is so much more to do together, before you are old and grey. This is just one day in this life journey.

It will be one of the most joyous occasions our family has celebrated together. But we are coming to celebrate you telling the world that you are creating your own family unit. All the trinkets and treasures you will have embellishing your surroundings will fade into insignificance when we witness you and your partner becoming husband and wife. That’s what is important to us!

And we know, that everything will be perfect just the way it is!

All my love to you,

Ms. Polka Dot

About : Polka Dot Bride is Australia’s premier wedding blog and is read by thousands of brides worldwide. Polka Dot Bride is ranked within the top 20 Australian Women Bloggers and #53 out of the Top 100 Australian Bloggers as of June 2009. Polka Dot Bride has a passion to provide information on the latest trends in weddings, and inspirational and creative ideas for the Australian bride. Ms Polka Dot’s aim is to create a fun, informative, and stylish blog that is engaged with, and inclusive of, its readers. She writes a daily feature on the blog that includes new ideas, real weddings, fabulous finds and the beautiful and the inspirational. Polka Dot Bride readers are stylish and savvy; they want to make their wedding stand out from the crowd. Ms. Polka Dot’s aim is to inspire brides and grooms to create the wedding of their dreams.

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