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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoe Dazzle Makes Online Shoe Shopping A Dream

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Shoe Dazzle

When planning a wedding, a bride’s to-do list can seem to grow with time rather than shrink. Having so many small details to take care of can sometimes make in the fun things—like shoe shopping—seem like a hassle. Luckily for us, internet shopping can be so easy it’s addictive. Shoe Dazzle is no exception and could very well be every bride’s cure for finding the perfect wedding day kicks.

Shoe Dazzle isn’t your average online shopping Web site. It caters its merchandise to your own personal style—literally. When you first log on to you complete a style profile which takes only a few minutes. Even if you don’t decide to purchase anything, this complimentary style quiz is enough fun to make visiting the site worthwhile.

After you complete your style profile, style experts pick Shoe Dazzle merchandise they think will best suit you. Not only that, but they tell you how to wear the shoes they’ve selected. For aspiring stylists like me who really have no idea what they’re doing—Shoe Dazzle is a dream come true. For a flat rate of $39.95 you can pick one item out of your custom showcase a month. You aren’t limited to just shoes either. Shoe Dazzle also carries purses and accessories. The best part about this whole deal is that if you don’t see anything you want to buy for that month, simply choose to skip that month for no cost. You can skip as many months as you want without penalty.

As one of six bridesmaids in an upcoming wedding I know first-hand that coordinating all the bridesmaids’ looks can be a serious challenge. In order to make it easier on yourselves brides, why not pick the shoes online so every bridesmaid can then go on and order her own shoes? Shoe Dazzle also offers gift cards. A gift card ranging in denominations from one month to a year would make a perfect gift for your aspiring fashionista friends. Shoe Dazzle is quickly becoming a phenomena, so go on and see for yourself what all the rage is about.

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