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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Tower of Cupcakes

Words by Jennifer Stein
When we got an email about a new product on the market called "The Cupcake Tower" and I thought, now this I have to see! I often times serve cupcakes when entertaining guests and always love attending a destination wedding where they offer individually decorated cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. This "tower" could be just the answer to my, and many other bride's, problem of how to elegantly display their sweet treats.

The tower arrived in a large box - we received the biggest one they offer, holding a total of 208 cupcakes. Although the one they sent can be downsized to hold as little as 32 cupcakes. The tower was easily assembled - I'm a dope when it comes to such things, so was surprised when I had it out of the box and fully constructed in a matter of 10 minutes. Once I had it put together, it looked like it could hold maybe 150 cupcakes rather than 208, but I haven't actually baked that many to see if they would fit. And it was adorable! It stands about 2 1/2-3 feet tall for the largest one they offer and would be a fun alternative to the other cupcake stands on the market.

It can be used over and over and color coordinated to work with almost any event. From weddings to baby showers, the Cupcake Tower is fairly versatile to work with an array of guest lists. It's a little cumbersome to travel with, so not sure I would recommend trying to ship it with you to Costa Rica, but for a destination wedding a little closer to home you may be driving to, this could be just the answer.
The Cupcake Tower also comes in a square design and all orders ship with one ribbon color/design included. Ribbons come off easily and other ribbon colors can be purchased on their site, so if your event colors change, so can your tower!

Pricing ranges from $35 for the tiny tower to $159 for the largest.

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