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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Summer Fling to Last a Lifetime in This Real Destination Wedding

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Brooke Christl Photography

Jenna and Matthew may have just said “I do,” but their relationship has already proven it’s strong enough to stand the test of time. The couple met way back in 2005, when they were both lifeguards for a summer in Myrtle Beach, SC. Even though they were both still young at the time, this was no run of the mill summer fling.

At the end of the summer Jenna went back home to Ontario, Canada and Matthew back home to North Carolina. Two college degrees later and after 3 years of a long distance relationship, the couple reunited and traveled abroad to South Korea. During that year overseas, Matthew popped the question to his longtime love.

When it came time to decide where they would get married, only one place came to mind: Myrtle Beach. So, after 5 years the couple traveled back to the place where they met. A destination wedding was a simple fit for this globe-trotting duo and on May 21 (the same day they met) they were joined by friends and family to exchange vows.

Jenna brought to life the shades of summer with her pink and yellow color scheme. Her princess-style gown was fitting for the couple’s lengthy love story. The bridesmaids pale yellow dresses brought vibrancy to the beach and were lovely paired with their bright pink bouquets.

The couple’s cake was reflective of the destination with a seaside theme. Jenna and Matthew also embraced their inner child by taking a trip down a giant inflatable slide. It’s obvious a good time was had by all who attended this long-awaited affair.

We weren’t the only ones who fell in love with Jenna and Matthew’s story, so did their photographer Brooke Christl. As a matter of fact, the couple won her annual Wedding Photography Give-Away Contest. The winner was chosen based on who had financial need of the prize. Because Jenna and Matthew spent a year abroad helping underprivileged children learn English, they were on a tight budget when it came to W-day.

To find out about Brooke Christl’s 2011 Wedding Photography Give-Away Contest click here. Do you and you future hubby have a great love story? Well then you could be the lucky winners of a $2,000 photography prize.

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