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Thursday, November 18, 2010

There's Good News & Bad News for Holiday Travelers

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words and photo courtesy of the Cranky Flier

It’s November and that means the holiday travel season is falling upon us. Good news? Sure. But there’s bad news as well, particularly if you don’t like being groped by a man (or woman) in uniform. (Hmm, I suppose that could be good news for some.) Here’s what happening in the world of travel.

Good News:

Virgin America Makes Money
You mood-lighting loving, power outlet-craving technophiles will be thrilled to know that Virgin America has finally posted its first profit, three years into its existence. Don’t get too excited just yet – everyone is making money this year, but it’s always good to see some black ink on the income statement.
Virgin America Finally Posts Its First Profit, But It’s No Surprise

Bad News:
The TSA Wants to Irradiate You or Grope You, Take Your Pick
Outrage has been mounting lately as the TSA has now changed its processes. If you’re asked to go through a backscatter x-ray machine (known as “Advance Imaging Technology”) you can either do it or take a pat down instead. If you do it, an x-ray image is sent to a backroom for review that shows your body and anything that might be concealed there. It does involve a minor amount of radiation, so it doesn’t appear to be a safety issue. Your privates are blurred, but it’s too close for comfort for some. On the other hand, the pat-down is now done with the front of the hand and gets awfully close to areas that you don’t want touched by strangers.
Should You Be Afraid of the Body Scanner Raising the Risk of Cancer? Nah, and Neither Should Pilots

Good News:
Spirit Looking to Fly Pasty White Canadians to Get Sun
If you live up in Canada, Spirit wants to take you somewhere warm. Flights are beginning just across the border in Niagara Falls and Plattsburgh, New York (near Montreal) down to Myrtle Beach and Ft Lauderale.
Spirit Turns Its Focus to the US and Canada After Caribbean Build-Up

Bad News:
Qantas A380s are Still Grounded
You heard about the Qantas A380 that blew an engine, right? Well the fleet is still grounded and the airline has scrambled to put together a reduced schedule in place. If you’re booked on Qantas, double check to make sure your flight is flying.
Qantas A380 Grounding Causes Disruption, What Should You Do?

Good News:
Southwest Stands By Its No Change Fee Policy
Southwest is getting ready to ramp up its campaign to let people know that change fees are not welcome at the airline. Others may charge up to $150 a ticket to change, but Southwest still doesn’t and won’t be doing it anytime soon.
Southwest: Why It’s Promoting No Change Fees and Its Web Site

That’s it for now. Happy flying.

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