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Monday, November 22, 2010

Tips and Tricks to Look Your Best in Those W-day Photos

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by the Anti-Bride and Fleur Bailey
Photo courtesy of Chris Schmitt

I was visiting the lovely Anti-Bride’s blog and loved this post so much I thought I should share it! After all, who doesn’t want to look thinner in photos? Our lovely fall cover girl Kylie provides an example!

If it’s Friday it’s all about Fleur, rather, what Fleur Adores, and one thing I can get behind is having the camera: 1. Love me 2. Make me look thinner. I loathe having my photo taken, because 8 out of 10 shots are abysmal. But Fleur has figured out how to take the brutality out of “Say Cheese” or at least how to look like you haven’t been eating it by the truck load. Use some of these red carpet tricks for rocking your own Aisle Style and getting the shots you want! Read on!

Ever feel frustrated that no matter how great you look or how dazzling your smile is, you just feel you don’t always look your best on photos? There are times when you may look back over them and at least five show a double chin you normally don’t have, or a protruding stomach you swear does not belong to you. Gasp! Is that really how you look in real life?

No, of course it’s not. And, contrary to popular belief, celebrities aren’t all naturally photogenic either. It’s all about the pose, and it’s surprisingly easy to recreate to ensure you receive fabulously flattering photographs of yourself every time.

Seven top tips to ensure a slim, model-like pose:

1. Turn your body slightly to the side from the camera and place one foot in front of the other, putting your weight on your back foot.

2. Place one hand on your hip if you feel comfortable, this will elongate your arm and give you a more prominent silhouette.

3. Hold your arms away from your body a little to keep your upper arms looking slimmer and straighter.

4. Pull your shoulders back and think about your chest and hips. Gently pull in your stomach evenly in the middle, not too much at the top near your ribs or it will look obvious you are sucking in. Concentrate on the muscles just below your belly button to ensure an all-round flatter appearance.

5. If you happen to get caught off-guard sitting down try to lean forward as much as possible, you can cover more that way. Leaning back will emphasize even the slightest lump or bump.

6. Tilt your head up to the sky and bring it down at the last minute keeping your head forward a little. This will stretch out the muscles in your neck and minimize the appearance of a double chin.

7. If you can, try to flash a smile at the last minute, so it appears natural and not forced or frozen.

Another thing that might help is Spanx hosiery, like the modern-day corset. It’s a godsend for secretly holding everything in and well worth the investment –

Also, it’s not just black that makes you look slimmer, wearing any one color tends to elongate your figure, and (as if we need an excuse) wearing heels will automatically give your legs more length and tone.

Having your photo taken from below can create a funny angle and make you look at least ten pounds heavier. So it makes sense that this theory works the opposite way around, having someone take your photo from above can actually make you look slimmer. Think bikini shots – a photo taken of you standing up from the ground is less flattering than a photo of you on the ground from someone standing over you. Get the picture?

Remember the camera can add ten pounds, but also remember that cameras do lie. Just make sure they’re lying in your favor.

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