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Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Great Deals on Favors Just For Being A Destination I Do Reader

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
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What could make this Friday any better you ask? How about a special discount on gifts and favors just for the lovely readers of Destination I Do? Well, perk up destination brides because we at Destination I Do have partnered with the fab folks over at to offer 5% off their already great prices with the “DIDO” coupon code.

This deal isn’t just limited to destination brides, offers a variety of gifts for any occasion. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s safe to say that this site will have something that fits the bill. There are even a variety of eco-friendly gifts that would be perfect for friends, or Christmas themed gifts that would be great for co-workers or family.

The site is designed and organized with convenience in mind. The thousands of different gift ideas are categorized to make it simple for the Vegas bride or Wine Country bride to find items which will fit her theme perfectly. Some of my favorite destination wedding favors are the candy boxes shaped like palm trees and the seaside-themed tea light holders.

If you can’t find something that suits you just right, there is also the option for personalized favors. The site also has categories dedicated to card holders, baby shower gifts or bridesmaid gifts. Prices vary depending on what you select, but some items start as low as $.22 each.

So, if you’re still unsure what do give your destination wedding guests as favors or how to thank your bridesmaids, cruise on over to to find just what you’ve been looking for. Most importantly, don’t forget to enter the Destination I Do coupon code when you check out (DIDO) in order to get 5% off your total order. Thanks for being a loyal reader and supporter of Destination I Do!

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