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Friday, December 17, 2010

The Bridal Chocolate Salon Awards Competition

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Chocolat & Choclatique

When TasteTV contacted us asking if we would be willing to take part in the Bridal Chocolate Salon Awards Competition, I just about jumped out of my seat in excitement. I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE weddings, so to be honored with two of my favorite things combined, life really couldn’t get much better.

A few weeks later, a box arrived with about 20 different offerings. Everything from the mom-and-pop makers to the sophisticated and upscale artisan chocolatiers…I was in heaven. A little overwhelmed, however, by the choices and abundance (I committed to doing an hour work out each day to compensate for my “judging.”) I got to work.

What impressed me the most was the creativity that went into each presentation. Some had artistic designs and drawings on the tops of each chocolate and others were really modern and fresh (bright colors and monogrammed chocolate-dipped Oreos were a standout by Chocolot). Then there was the more traditional chocolate, but with a really cool presentation. Chocolate Truffle sent an edible chocolate basket with dipped nuts and truffles wrapped in cellophane and finished with a pretty bow. This would be perfect as a welcome gift for a destination wedding.

Each one of the chocolates was to-die-for, but we definitely had our favorites – The Chocolate Truffle took the house with their milk chocolate, where Choclatique blew us away with their wedding cake chocolate that comes in a box. We couldn’t think of a better favor at a wedding.

Two weeks of judging (and a little thicker waistline) later, we finally picked our faves and submitted via Bridal Chocolate Salon and we’re happy to see all of our favorites won the gold award!

If you’re thinking of giving a little gift or favor at your wedding, you can NEVER go wrong with offering chocolate, and these chocolatiers truly know a thing or two about catering to the destination bride as many of them ship! Just make sure it’s not 110 degrees at your destination or you may end up with a melted chocolate favor.

P.S. TasteTV, we really didn’t get that great of a sampling, so it’s going to be necessary to judge again next year. Wink wink.

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