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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Custom Wedding Invites Will Inspire Your Guests to RSVP and Book Their Flight ASAP

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of PostScript Brooklyn

After working in the wedding industry, I’ve come to have a bit of an obsession with stationary. Trust me, I never thought obsession and stationary were two words I would mention in the same sentence, but I’ve come to appreciate a really quality cardstock and an innovative design.

Quality and innovation are two qualities which define PostScript Brooklyn’s custom invitation suites. Recently launched by the folks over at Brooklyn’s iconic paperie, Lion in the Sun, PostScript Brooklyn presents an online wedding invitation store for the sophisticated and urban bride and groom. Note: too get a closer look at the images below, just click!

What sets PostScript Brooklyn apart? Original design thanks to their collaboration with celebrated New York artists and designers. These eye-catching invites bring to light imagery found within urban landscapes across the nation. PostScript captures in vivid clarity and with pops of color: metropolitan skylines, bold graphics, remarkable architecture and bursts of nature.

These designs come to life thanks to Lion in the Sun’s creative staff and several Brooklyn-based artists including Mallory Larson, Foxy & Winston, Linda & Harriett and Serimony to name a few.

Another element which makes PostScript Brooklyn stand out among the crowd is its standard of quality and customer service. We at Destination I Do received a sample invitation suite in the mail and were struck by the vivid colors, observable texture and overall substance. On one thing we all agreed: “No one would date throw this away.”

However, if/when your guests decide to send your invites to stationary heaven, you can rest easy. All of PostScript Brooklyn’s invitations are printed on the highest quality 100% cotton or recycled paper. The company has a deep appreciation for fine paper products, but also about taking care of good ol’ Mother Earth.

Buying invitations online could be a bit scary, but have no fear because the process is customized to you and your beloved from the beginning. Customers have the ability to choose their paper weight, paper color, font color, font style, printing style and envelopes. You have the option of going all-out and ordering entire invitation suites or just select key pieces including the invitation, RSVP card, reception card, direction card, thank you card and save the dates.

Mallory Larson, PostScript Brooklyn’s Creative Director, sets your fears of online ordering to rest:

“Although couples will order online, the experience will be like having one of your friends there helping with the process. We give honest feedback about how things will look and knowledgeable suggestions about how to improve or implement the couple’s ideas.”

Very often brides who opt do have a destination wedding have a very specific style or look in mind. Allow PostScript Brooklyn to make your destination dream become reality in the form of your invitations.

Prices for invitations range from $5 to $16 per set and can be purchased online at For more information, images or samples, please contact Moderne Press at 510-647-9761 or

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