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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Free Online Bridal Registry That Lets You Shop 'Till You Drop

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Wishpot

A bridal registry is a tradition that provides brides and grooms with the essentials they need to start a life together and the means for their family and friends to make it happen. Wishpot is an electronic bridal registry service which allows couples to not be limited to one or two stores. The couple can shop online for any and every gift they might want to request.

A Wishpot online registry is free and is a place where weddings guests can go too see optional gifts all in one place. Talk about a one-stop-shop. Many stores provide the option for an online registry, but only for that single retailer. With Wishpot, the web is your oyster – select items from any online site.

In addition, Wishpot offers price alerts so that your guests can easily stay within their budgets and can know exactly what is within their price point. Overwhelmed by choices? Then let the Wishpot consultants make suggestions for unique gift ideas or share with you the most registered-for items.

It’s happening more and more that couples live together before the wedding. Many couples already own the traditional necessities that are given as a wedding gift. So what do you ask for instead? Wishpot has some fun and interesting options. Why not register for contributions toward your honeymoon? You can even set it up so that your guests can donate to a charity of your choice in place of a material gift.

Sound like a plan? Well, then this is how it works. Signing up with Wishpot is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1: Sign up for free. 2: Download the Wishpot button to your computer’s tool bar. 3: Shop to your heart’s desire! Once the Wishpot button is downloaded to your tool bar, simply drag and drop items you find while perusing the net to the icon and the items will automatically be added to your registry. Once you’re done, simply send the list electronically to all your guests. Visit to sign up today.

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