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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Great Book for Broke Bridesmaids Everywhere

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photo courtesy of Bridesmaid on a Budget

When you or your girlfriend get engaged, there are endless books for brides which range in topic from the dress to the day of. But what about the bridesmaids? While being a bridesmaid is obviously not as stressful as being a bride, it does come with its own unique set of challenges and responsibilities. Bridesmaids are responsible for showers, parties and above all being at the bride’s beck-and-call. Unfortunately, all these things cost money and very often, BIG money.

But, have no fear dedicated bridesmaids out there. Bridal expert Sharon Naylor is here. She’s the author to more than 35 wedding books and her most recent, Bridesmaid on a Budget is in stores now. The book provides tips and tricks for being a wonderful bridesmaid, without putting yourself out of house and home. Below are some of my favorite tips.

-Be Honest: In order to avoid your bride thinking she isn’t worth all the effort or that you’re just plain cheap, explain from the beginning that times are tight and you’re keeping cash in mind. This one is especially helpful for all you destination brides. makes group travel a breeze. You can create your own site for free (it doesn’t get any cheaper than that) and it’s a convenient place for you to build an itinerary, share travel plans and communicate with your guests.

-Where to Shop: When purchasing your bridesmaid’s dress, do your research. For example, try to avoid buying your dress in April when proms are right around the corner and dress prices sky-rocket. Also, look at multiple stores for a similar style dress. The difference in price for pretty much the same dress will shock you.

-The Basics for a Bridal Shower: In order to save some serious cash, borrow what you can for the bridal shower. This is where a large bridal party comes in handy! Also, don’t be afraid to ask the bride’s female family members if you can borrow certain essentials. Things to borrow not buy: coffee maker, blenders, candleholders, serving utensils, coolers and seasonal décor items – to name a few.

-Drinks, Cake and Food: Naylor also provides handy guides to ensuring you have the right amount of food for all the party guests. This makes it a cinch to make sure no one goes home hungry and allows you to not overspend by buying too much.

-Top Ten Bridesmaid Budget Mistakes:

1. Letting the louder bridesmaids rule.
2. Not offering non-money alternatives. (DIY projects)
3. Trying too hard to be nice and fit in.
4. Not acting early enough.
5. Not admitting you’re on a budget.
6. Not establishing your own emergency fund.
7. Counting on “maybe money.”
8. Not being organized.
9. Not being a smart consumer.
10. Buying a dress you hope to fit into.

So, even if times are tight, rearrange the budget so you can run out and buy Bridesmaid on a Budget. You’re sure to find plenty that will help you be a fabulous bridesmaid without breaking the bank!

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