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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Cheers and Jeers This Holiday Season From The Cranky Flier

Words by Courtney Kellar
December is here, and if you’re traveling to Europe right now, you’re probably crying a lot. The winter weather over there has paralyzed airports and that means a lot of people are missing their holiday celebrations. It’s not all bad, there’s some good out there as well.

Good News:
Delta Shows Amenities When You Book
Since the Northwest merger, Delta has had a hodge-podge of different types of amenities on different airplanes. Some have live TV while others have overhead screens. Some have wi-fi, others don’t. Now, will show you exactly what you’ll get onboard for each flight at the time you book it. Coming soon: Ways to search for flights by amenity. Cool. Now Shows Amenities by Flight

Bad News:
Mother Nature Hates Airports, but You Can Fight Back
It has been a downright weird December when it comes to weather. The west coast is flooding (including my house) while big snowstorms have blanketed the Midwest and now Europe. When that happens, it often means there’s little that can be done for days on-end as airlines scramble to make up for all that lost capacity. The good news in all this is that there are things you can do to get yourself home. Here are some tips.
Midwest Weather Mess: Navigating a Winter Storm
Good News:
More Flights to Mexico
The US and Mexico were having a fight over safety infrastructure, so the US decided not to allow Mexican airlines to add more flights. That sucked, especially since it happened right around when Mexicana went out of business. Now the ban has been eliminated and new flights are flowing freely.
Mexican Airlines Can Now Add Flights to the US, Aeromexico Starts the Trend

Bad News:
Cheap Flights to Hawai’i On Hold
Many people were salivating over the thought of cheap flights to Hawai’i when Allegiant announced it would start flying there from the west coast next year. That’s been put on hold and it probably won’t happen until 2012 at the earliest. What’s the problem? It’s a regulatory issue in terms of getting the new airplanes up and running they way they need to be for the service.
Allegiant Delays Hawai’i Until 2012, Goes Head-to-Head with JetBlue
Good News:
Little Planes Get Internet
Many airlines have been putting internet on their airplanes, but few have put them on the smaller planes in the fleet. Delta is now going to have internet on all planes with more than 50 seats on domestic flights. Pretty good, huh?
Delta Adds Wifi to Regional Jets, Gets Closer to Matching the Mainline Experience

That’s enough for this year. Happy holidays and happy flying.

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