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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Napa Goes Down-Home in This Week's Real Wedding

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Beautiful Day Photography

At Destination I Do, we’re lucky in that we get to view 100’s of gorgeous destination wedding submissions each month. What really catches our eye? Well, to name a few: great details, a stunning destination and personality!

This week’s real wedding has all of the above - and a spunky bride to boot. (No pun intended...) Lori is a photographer with Beautiful Day Photography, so after Justin got down on bended knee, beautiful photos were a sure outcome. The couple exchanged vows on a private estate in Corona, California surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

The couple combined their classically romantic vineyard-like surroundings with down-home flair that left their guests in awe. The green hills were set-off beautifully by the bridesmaid’s bright pink dresses, the yellow décor and vibrant wildflowers. It’s clear that Lori is full of surprises and has no lack of pizzazz.

The couple took very traditional wedding elements and added their own flair. Lori had a beautiful strapless gown, but added interest and excitement with a bright red tulle underskirt. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, Justin and Lori had a colorful dessert table filled with rock candy, cupcakes and custom-made cookies.

The reception was a romantic and cozy affair. Guests noshed beneath the glow of hanging paper lanterns and mason jars that seemed to float midair. Multi-colored wildflowers covered the tables and blended beautifully with the yellow pops of color throughout the event.

Thank goodness Lori took her turn in the spotlight and stepped in front of the camera for her W-day. Her and Justin are an obviously fun couple and we wish them all the best! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us!

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