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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Resort Offers Wet n' Wild Weddings

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Great Wolf Resorts

Most destination wedding couples are, admittedly, more adventurous than most. But, for the truly adventurous couple, consider an experiential wedding. These are extreme activities surrounding your W-day vows. For example, say “I do” before jumping out of a plane, at the finish line of a long bike race or – at the top of a giant water slide!

Great Wolf Resorts in Charlotte, NC is a 60,000 square-foot indoor water park which has branched out to include experiential weddings in its everyday package. This is a great idea for couples with young children. What kid doesn’t want to see mom and dad get married at the top of an enormous water slide?

Great Wolf recently held its first-ever water park wedding. A couple, with the help of their three children, literally “took the plunge” at the top of River Canyon Run waterslide. Great Wolf General Manager, ordained specifically for the event, married the couple before they slid down the giant water slide to join in the reception at an adjacent banquet space.

Great Wolf Lodge’s properties are rustic, family themed resorts that are great all-in-one wedding venues for fun-loving, adventurous couples. Adults and children alike will have a blast celebrating your nuptials while enjoying a world class water park to boot. There are Great Wolf Lodge locations in North Carolina, Washington, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Amenities at each resort include:

- Large banquet spaces with professional catering

-Themed hotel accommodations, perfect for guests of all ages

-Traditional spa services for the bride and kid-friendly services for the children along for the ride

For more information about making you nuptials a water park blast, visit Great Wolf Resorts’ web site.

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