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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Shred Your Undergarments Again!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Berry Perry

Have you ever pulled your favorite bra out of the washing machine just to discover it’s warped and tattered? We all know bras shouldn’t go in the washing machine, but if you’re anything like me you do it anyways - because who has time to hand wash? Well, thankfully Berry Perry has come up with a quick, easy and effective solution – the Berry Ball and Bag. This is a complete laundry set specifically designed to care for lingerie, hosiery and other delicates.

Throwing bras into the wash can result in twisting, deforming, puncturing, underwire damage, tangling and more. Inside the Berry Ball, bras are protected and supported throughout the entire wash cycle. The set also includes a unique scrubbing ball designed to clean bra cups from the inside, not only getting your undergarments spiffy-clean, but dissolving detergent.

The Berry Ball set isn’t just for bras. The Berry Bag is also included in the laundry set and is perfect for underwear, hosiery, socks and other small items together and protected. Never lose a sock in the wash again! We often pay much time and attention to not drying certain items of clothing, ironing our business clothes and perfectly folding jeans -but what about those undergarments? They need love too.

The Berry Ball and Bag would be a perfect addition to any bachelorette party gift. Soon-to-be brides get loads of beautiful lingerie, but no means to care for it all. Add the Berry Ball and Bag to your gift basket and your bride will keep her lingerie in perfect condition. This product is also perfect for destination brides and frequent travelers.

I recently arrived at my destination only to find my favorite nude bra had been completely shredded. Place all your intimates into the Berry Ball or Bag during travel will ensure they don’t get caught in some automated machine or get misplaced during a baggage search.

The Berry Ball and Bag has undergone extensive research and have been proven safe for your washing machine. Don’t dry it though; your intimates should be hung dry. For more information, visit the web site and click here for a demonstrational video. Next time you’re looking for a helpful, inexpensive gift ($13.99) – get that neat-freak friend of yours the Berry Ball and Bag.

About: Courtney Cox is a writer and editor at Destination I Do Magazine and recently graduated with a degree in Print Journalism from Arizona State University. Her passions include traveling and she’s greatly anticipating an upcoming trip to Australia as a representative of Destination I Do. For travel deets and the inside scoop on Destination I Do, follow Courtney on Twitter here.

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