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Monday, March 21, 2011

An Inspirational Hawaiian Photo Shoot for Destination Brides

Words by Courtney Kellar
Questions by Courtney Cox & answers by Rebecca Adkisson
Photos courtesy of Tamiz Photography (Rebecca & Jonathan Adkisson)

Here at Destination I Do we're challenged every issue to find the best of the best, but unfortunately there just isn't enough room between covers for all the amazing-ness that comes through our doors. Luckily Destination I Do's blog is a place where gorgeous material that didn't quite fit in the magazine can still be showcased and shared with all of our readers. This photo shoot is a real stunner and puts a unique spin on getting married in Maui, Hawaii. Thanks to Tamiz Photography for sharing this amazing shoot and allowing us to showcase it here on the blog. I interviewed the photographer to get some background on these amazing images and how they can help inspire all you destination brides out there.

Q. Why did you choose Haiku Mill as your location and what is it about Hawaii that you think brides and grooms find so appealing?

A. The Haiku Mill is by far the most beautiful wedding venue on the island, if not in the world! The entire property is saturated in rustic European touches, from intricately detailed chandeliers, water basins and antique pots to quaint cottages and the restored sugar mill ruins. The venue appeals not only to the vintage bride, but also to the classic/elegant bride.

Q. What was your inspiration for the overall look and feel of the shoot?

A. For this particular bridal shoot, we wanted to express a vintage bride with destination flair. We really wanted to express the beauty in simplicity, to reflect more accurately true beauty and have a "less is more" quality.

Q. How do you think a bride could use these images to inspire ideas for her own destination wedding?

A. Not only are the grounds incredibly inspirational, but I think a majority of destination brides are really looking to have a simple but true wedding. This shoot was not "over the top" with trinkets and decorations, but truly captured the bride in her element, allowing her to shine.

Q. Any general tips couples should use when looking for a wedding day photographer?

A. I think the most important factor in seeking a photographer for your wedding day is to find someone whose work reflects your own personal style. As photographers we want to match with our client as much as our client wants to match with us. Research wedding photographers and jot down what it is you like about those whose work most appeals to you. Make sure any photographer you choose for your special day shares all of those qualities and you are bound to be a match made in heaven.

Photography - Tamiz Photography
Dress - Tamara Catz
Cupcakes - Cupcake Love
Flowers - Dellables
Location - Haiku Mill, Maui, Hawaii

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