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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little Green Goodness for Your St. Patricks Day!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Carolyn, the Anti-Bride
Photos courtesy of Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine

Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine has just launched a blockbuster Spring Issue just in time for Earth Day. With green fashion offerings that range from eco fabulous mineral cosmetics from Youngblood to adornments from Juno, tomes from my bestie, Chronicle Books, and my new addiction, We Wood Watches, I’m figuring out what I lust for/must have vs. what I can happily peruse and adore from a distance (trust me, it’s not easy!). As well, our new green Nokian baby, GreenGlamGo gets a green light on page 92.

Had I to do it all over again, I would take a page from Katie and Peter’s wedding (Page 82) the hippest, low fi Surfer/Farmer Santa Cruz wedding we’ve ever seen, beginning with a wedding parade and ending with a swim in the Pacific. Katie channels an ethereal Cali girl dressed in green and festooned in sunflowers. Peter, her dashing groom, rocks the pinstriped shorts. If you’ve ever entertained the notion of skipping the big downtown shindig, this wedding offers a compelling argument for the great outdoors and hippie luxe style.

GreenGlamGo, our recent Nokia App launch, featured on page 92, offers up the back story on what went into the creation of our little green baby. It’s a mobile site, smart phone application and social platform that aggregates the most creative, under the radar, green, handmade, sustainable designers and retailers, bringing them to a wider audience with curated offerings, engaging content and the ability for eco-fashionistas to shop ethically and stylishly.

Eco-Beautiful Weddings mag has been paperless until recently, and now you can get your hands on a coveted edition of it here (don’t let it out of your sight!).

Get the App! GreenGlamGo can be downloaded to your Nokia phone by visiting the Ovi Store
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Twitter: @GreenGlamGo
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