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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Travel to Vatican City with this Real-Life Destination Wedding Couple

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Rome Weddings Photography

I see thousands of real wedding submissions a year, but every so often a wedding comes along which completely takes my breath away. I absolutely adore today’s real-life destination wedding and I think you will too! With a backdrop like Rome, how could this wedding not ooze beauty, romance and – of course – amore. Not only was there an excess of love in the air, but wind! As I'm sure you'll notice in some of the images, Patricia had some serious gusts to deal with on her wedding day. If you ask me, it only added to the joyous occasion!

Luke and Patricia traveled to Rome from their British home to exchange their vows in arguably one of the holiest places on earth – Vatican City. I’m fortunate enough to have seen this stunning city in person and if you haven’t been, you MUST make it in your lifetime. Luke and Patricia’s gorgeous wedding photos only scratch the surface of all that the Vatican and Rome have to offer. The couple’s wedding ceremony took place at St. Peters Basilica before they set off for a whirl-wind tour of Rome.

There were a dozen or so lucky guests which shared in this amazing Italian adventure with Luke and Patricia. There's no question that this occasion is one that no one will soon forget. The only question is, where on earth could this couple have honeymooned that could top their destination wedding locale?

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