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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treat Your Destination Wedding Guests to Scrumptious Brownies

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Love Puppies Brownies

When it comes to planning a destination wedding there are a million different things to consider: dress, cake, stationary, favors, music etc. Not only that, but love it or hate it, there are hundreds of options for brides in each of these categories. So, how do you decide? We recently received sample favors in the mail from a business that has figured out how to make itself stand out from the crowd.

Food favors are growing in popularity for obvious reasons: cute packaging, a myriad of options and frankly guests love them. Love Puppies Brownies is one of the cuter ideas I’ve seen in a while. While you can’t customize the packaging, it’s easy to add your own personal flair. Once you see the cute little labels, though, you might just decide against changing a dog-gone thing!

My favorite part about Love Puppies Brownies is the fun and interesting flavors you can choose from. There are currently 7 different flavors: Make Mine a Double Chocolate, You Mocha Me Crazy (dark chocolate and ground coffee beans), Peanut Butter Nutcase, Hunka Hunka Burning Love (a touch of heat with ground peppers), Who Cares About Dinner Mint, Trailer Park Chic (a blonde brownie with dark chocolate chips and pecans) and Kentucky Screwdriver (chocolate with bourbon and orange liqueur.)

My personal favorite was the Trailer Park Chic, but I confidently say that all of them were delicious. The Hunka Hunka Burning Love could be an adorable wedding day gift idea for your groom and his groomsmen. Having a kicked back, fun destination wedding? Your guests would love to find a moist and delicious Kentucky Screwdriver Love Puppies brownie in their welcome bags!

The brownies all come individually packed so they’re easy to transport and distribute between guests. The brownies contain no preservatives, but will stay moist and fresh for two weeks on the counter or in the fridge and four months in the freezer. We received a Love Puppies “Mutts” assortment which was a mixed box of the best “breeds” of brownies.

The company was started by a lone-wolf chef who calls Texas home. Not from Texas? No worries because during the summer months they will ship brownies to you all over the country (for an additional fee.) You can visit the chocolate factory’s site and place an order via email or call up and talk to the classically trained chef directly. The prices are really pretty reasonable and your friends and family will love the variety of flavors.

Love Puppies Brownies has some interesting things in the works. Among them are a gluten-free line of brownies, a Dr. Pepper brownie, and a Flavor of the Month program. Visit the company’s web site for more information.

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