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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be a Part of Destination I Do's Next Issue!

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox

It’s always nice to know you’re appreciated! With our magazine’s Real Readers Section we’ve found a way to give back to our readers while showing potential destination brides the ways in which Destination I Do can help. The section showcases real Destination I Do readers as they share their story of how our magazine has helped them.

Our next issue is rapidly approaching and we’re now looking for more real readers. So, attention all you dedicated followers out there! Are you currently planning a destination wedding or planned one in the past with the help of Destination I Do? If so, share your story with us and you just might find yourself gracing the pages of Destination I Do’s Fall/Winter 2011 issue.

If you’re interested in being featured in our Fall/Winter 2011 Real Readers section send the following things to by May 31st.

-A jpg image of yourself with an issue of the magazine (it doesn’t have to be the most recent issue.)

-An explanation of how Destination I Do has helped you.

-What you did/plan to do for your destination wedding or where you went for your honeymoon. (If the location was featured in Destination I Do.)

-Your name and email address.

We look forward to seeing all of your wonderful submissions. Thanks in advance and spread the word if you know someone else who has been helped by Destination I Do Magazine. Also, don't forget to have your materials to us by May 31st.

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