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Friday, April 15, 2011

This Couple Mastered the Art of the Destination Wedding in the Domincan Republic

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Esther JuLee Photography

Stephanie and David had all the traditional reasons for wanting to have a destination wedding. The couple wanted more than just a few hours with their guests, instead they wanted days. Stephanie had been in several church weddings and wanted her own wedding to be less formal, more relaxing and a huge celebration. Since David is originally from the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic was a perfect fit.

The Atlanta couple traveled to Majestic Elegance, Punta Cana along with 50 of their closest loved ones. Unfortunately, all the invited guests couldn’t make it, but Stephanie and David weren’t discouraged.

“There were some people who couldn’t travel far because they had infants they couldn’t behind or because they couldn’t afford the trip,” says the couple. “However, we made sure our closest friends and family could make it and we had to be okay if others couldn’t. We understood that was one sacrifice for choosing a destination wedding.”

The couple took great care when it came to deciding where to say “I Do.”

“We knew the Dominican Republic had great deals with resorts and wedding packages,” says the couple. “We took a lot of time to research resorts because we knew we’d be sending about 50 of our closest friends/family there. We worked out a deal where the resort blocked out a certain amount of rooms at a discounted price.”

Planning a wedding from afar certainly comes with a unique set of challenges. Stephanie and David noticed that the closer their wedding date became, the quicker they got answers from vendors. The couple used email and the great-wide web in order to pick most of the details for their big day. For example, the couple ordered personalized water bottles for their guests as favors.

“It’s more complex the pickier you are about what you want,” says the couple. “We went with the flow with what they had, but then brought our own supplies for our own special touch.”

The couple had the wedding of their dreams and don’t regret their Dominican Republic wedding for a second. Because Stephanie and David did such great research and were able to stay on budget, they hosted not one, but two weddings!

“You definitely get more for your money with a destination wedding,” says the couple. “In our specific scenario we probably spent the same amount, but we were able to have TWO celebrations (the destination wedding with a reception and an encore celebration in our home town).”

Because the couple had such a gorgeous and successful destination wedding, they have some words of advice for other couples looking to get married away.

“There are no ‘you must’ or ‘you need to’…it’s YOUR wedding, so plan it the way you want it! Your friends and family should support whatever you decide. If you do a destination wedding, understand that you can be particular about certain things, but must be flexible with others. If your wedding is on the beach, know that you really can’t stop others from peering into your wedding.”

Hopefully, this wedding has served as inspiration and Stephanie and David’s advice will prove helpful!

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