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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tips for Making Your Destination Wedding Guests Feel at Home

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Polka Dot Bride & courtesy of the Anti-bride
Photo courtesy of Mint Photography

As the leaves turn golden brown, my mind is starting to wander to more thoughtful subjects, wedding season in Australia is drawing to a close and the colder months, while still full of weddings are more of a time of reflection, of planning, of thoughts.

As a chocolate orange cake bakes in the oven and I am taken to places where chocolate cake and cozy experiences exist – today has again reminded me of embracing these experiences as a part of your wedding.

Coziness for me is welcoming, an embrace and warmth. Nothing quite replaces that feeling when you get home from a long day of work and your other half has baked your favorite meal – the scents as it wafts past you. The sight of a pot of tea and a soft rug when you show up at a friend’s house for an afternoon chat.

Last week, I wrote up a wedding where a bride felt so wonderful she felt “right at home”. Little touches can enhance your guests’ experience at your wedding and help them feel like they’ve come home. Think of:

• Hot drinks pre-ceremony
• Soft rugs in a woven basket for guests during winter
• A pre-wedding event for your guests to mingle & get to know each other
• Hand written notes at place cards to those who have helped you greatly
• An attendee welcoming & directing guests as they arrive to your event
• Lots of signage for guests who are too shy to ask for help
• Soft pillows for guests to lean again in lounge areas
• Quiet corners filled with candlelight & plates of nibbles
• A sweet serenade from your band’s musician to a couple you know & love
• Sweet smelling flowers for guests to wear in their hair
• Provide your favorite soap & a few soft towels in the bathrooms
• Light your reception with candlelight & lamps
• Serve family favorites like your mum’s pumpkin soup, beef stews & home baked bread

Coziness doesn’t take much – it takes a little thought and a little love, but it can change the experience of your guests from a memorable event to one that warms the soul.

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