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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Couple Went to Great Lengths to say "I Do" in t he Chilean Countryside

Words by Courtney Kellar
Words by Courtney Cox
Photos courtesy of Kyle Hepp Photography

Sometimes getting married in the destination of your dreams comes at a price. This was the case with Santiago, Chili residents Daniella and Panky. The couple traveled over 1,400 miles south from their new home in Chile’s capital to Coyhaique, Chile. The trip wasn’t an easy one, with no major highway and a ferry covering part of the distance.

So, why all the trouble to get married in such a small, isolated place? Daniella, as most of her family before her, was born in Coyhaique. Panky’s mom was also born in the small Chilean town and it was here that the couple met three years ago. When the couple got engaged, they didn’t consider getting married in the big city for a second – the small town where their families had so much history was the only place they could imagine starting their life together.

Daniella and Panky were thrilled to be able to share their “home” with all their friends they had meant in recent years and to reunite with childhood friends. As mentioned before, their dream destination came with a unique set of complications. The couple began looking for a wedding planner and vendors near their chosen venue and simply couldn’t find any. Everything had to be planned and transported from Santiago – not an easy task!

To achieve the wedding of their dreams in such an isolated location two trucks had to travel from Santiago a week before W-day and all the guests, flowers and food arrived by plane the day before the wedding. The couple got married in high season because of the holidays and thus had to give their guests plenty of notice on the date so they could begin watching for a plane ticket.

The couple readily admits that it would have been much simpler and more cost effective to get married in Santiago, but can’t imagine getting married anywhere other than “home.” Even if it meant it was just the two of them, the small Chilean town was where Daniella and Panky wanted to exchange vows.

Daniella has some advice for other destination brides who may be planning a complicated dream wedding. “Have patience, creativity and get rid of any unnecessary or expensive protocol. It also really helps to have a flexible wedding planner and lots of loving friends and family to help.”

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